*Marian applies Reiki to the new consciousness wisdom teachings of Eckart Tolle to help you "go beyond" the pain-body. Call Marian at 000-000-0000 for guided meditations, Reiki and hypnosis.

*Learn from the Ancient Pathways with Tarot card reading from Sherry or relax with her healing Reiki session.

*Rejuvenate your mind and body with Reiki Master Marjorie and Detox naturally with the Ionic Foot Foot Spa. Call Marjorie, 000-000-0000

*Find out about your numerological life cycles! Darlene Denning from "Palm Readings by Darlene" tells you about your life cycle, health, job, love, money & family. 000-000-0000

*Enjoy an intuitive reading from Sue Wilks from Breath of Heaven and receive new insights as you travel your path. Sue is an essential oil expert and can blend empowering fragrances especially for you.000-000-0000.

*Clinical Approaches Therapeutic Massage - HOT ROCKS and MORE! $10 off your first one hour visit. Call Mariam, 000-000-0000

*Shaklee Products - One of Oprah's favorite things are sold here. Call if you are interested in finding out more and possibly joining The Shaklee Team. Call Roxane 000-000-0000

*For an Astrological Reading, call Karn. Obtain personal insight into life patterns, receive support to change unproductive habits & get clarity to obtain your goals. 000-000-0000

*Learn Self-Hypnosis or have a hypnosis session with John C. Gorham, Jr., Ph.D., C.Ht. to achieve those things that you really do want for yourself.

*Affirmations and Self-Hypnosis classes by appointment. Self-Hypnosis is a powerful tool for lasting change. A key is developing effective hypnotic suggestions. Learn how to create powerful phrases for self-hypnosis or for your daily affirmations from John C. Gorham, Jr.,Ph.D., C.Ht.

*"Trusting your Intuition". Come to develop the intuitive sense that lies within you and learn to live in accordance with the soul's purpose. Discover your spiritual power and develop your intuition into a life-enhancing tool that can be used every day. Learn from the 20 years of experiences of Sue Wilks.